Cutting of the inessential from the essential.

Welcome to Anima.

For us it is one step back in just the right direction. One step back concentrate on what is most important: The guest. The palate. The taste.

In favour of the ‘more’, we focus on the ‘less’ in our restaurant.

We celebrate reduction and the essence of all our ingredients as well as the design, the atmosphere and the processed products. From the kitchen to your table.

Anima is all about quality and puristic style aiming to present maximum taste and experience on each plate.


Without –pompous- ingredients.

We do not want bare you. Weither here or at the table. That is why we focus on what is most important. Regional means seasonal. We cook with what our lovely area has to offer depending on the time of the year.

Only the best products find their way into our kitchen where we transform them into culinary art. Trying to surprise, convince and surpass with as much as needed and as little as possible.

Every dish is based on the art of reduction. Cutting out luxuries. Therefore we rely on our creativity, the variety of our region and the quality consciousness of our suppliers.

Behind the concept of “Casual Fine Dining” in Anima lies pure passion for a light, modern and most of all affordable gourmet kitchen, which reinvents itself in accord with our nature, the environment and demanding customers.

We say goodbye to conventions and welcome you to our Restaurant Anima.


Culinary eye catchers.

At the puls of the Danube, in the heart of Tuttlingen, we will spoil all those who want to satisfy their hunger for something extraodinary.

With charm, style and openness which charactarises our interior and hospitality.

Especially our kitchen is an expression of our attitude and does not present itself as a booth but rather as open-minded setting.


Hier können Sie online Ihren Tisch reservieren.

Bei Reservierungen über 8 Personen bitten wir um eine telefonische Reservierung unter der Nummer:
+49 (0)7461 780 30 20

Für eine Reservierung am Samstag Abend ab 21:00 Uhr
bitte unter folgender Nummer:
+49 (0)7461 780 30 20



Heiko Lacher

Geschäftsführer / Inhaber